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Play High-Quality 3D Crypto Games on All devices & make money

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dive in Blockchain Games  & community events to make a profit

Do you like Play To Earn? Do you like Burn To Play? Do you like Free to play? Do you like to Play Crypto-Games on PC and Consoles? Do you Like High-Quality 3D Crypto-Games? Do you like NFT? so we are on the same page 🙂

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How You Can Take Profit from Chain-2-Game?

there are 4 ways of profit that we cover: Presale tokens with big discounts, NFT reservation for future games, Play2Earn games & Community Events rewards.

How to participate?

walk in 3 steps

FCFS Presale

The first step is to join our community and Buy $CH2 tokens in First Come First Serve Presale (started from 2021 Q4). Registration with a "valid Email Address" is required because we don't have the token distribution yet...

Community points

You will get community points for each activity in community events, stored in your account and later in your wallet. then you automatically are on the community rewards list so you can be winning about $0.1k~$50k of CH2 & XCh2

Play to Earn

We will launch the project with community support and love, in 2022 Q1. Playing to Earn with high-quality 3D games will be possible in 2022 Q2 and Earning from NFT in Q4 of 2022

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