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NFT Party

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Round one Community NFT include: Seed round NFT, Presale (FCFS) NFT closed. if you have this NFT badges in your profile, you will get them soo.
you can get this NFTs yet: Test Game Tasks, Public Sale, Art & Content Creators, Game Tickets and Social Activities NFT

How To Collect other NFTs

Test Game Tasks NFT:

for whom sent a minimum of one Game Test Beta form correctly.

FP: 400 USDC  /  Minimum Task: 1 Device Completed 
Snapshot: TBA
Specific Elements: Game Geek, Idea Believer, Financial thinking & Off-chain Supporter.  

Public Sale NFT:

for early investors

FP: 500 USDC 
Minimum Investment: 50 USD
Minimum $CH2 HODL: 50% of Purchased Tokens
Snapshot: TBA
Specific Elements: Game Lover, Idea Believer & Off-chain Supporter.  

Art & Content Creators NFT:

for whom that have a minimum of accepted Multimedia or Content for the Project.

FP: 1,000 USDC 
Participate: Share your content or art on all Social media Platforms and tag(mention) us, then fill out the form.
Snapshot: TBA
Specific Elements: Game Lover, Community Booster & Creator.

Game Tickets NFT:

for whom that have a minimum of two Game tickets (not the same device)

FP: 75 USDC 
Participate: 2 Test Game tickets + fill out the test game payback tokens form.
Snapshot: TBA
Specific Elements: Busy Man/Women, Financial thinking.

Social Activities NFT: 

for whom that invite 3 active users.

FP: 20 USDC 
Participate: you must be an active user & invite 3 persons to be active community users. 
Snapshot: weekly
Specific Elements: Active User, Community Booster.

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